Some Back to School Tips for the New School Year

Back to school is upon us, and this can cause stress for all parties involved. One of the best ways to get on top of back to school is to be prepared! Here are some tips to get you started on your back-to-school journey.


  1. Meet Or Greet Your Child’s Teachers.

If you are available to drop your children off at their school on the first day, you most likely will have a chance to meet their teacher on the schoolyard. This is a prime opportunity to quickly chat with the teacher and let them know you are here to discuss anything regarding your child whenever something comes up. This can help both the teacher and your child to feel as though you have their back throughout the year. If you cannot be there on the first day (and many of us cannot), it is a good idea to send a note or card instead, letting the teacher know you are always only a phone call away. Another thing that may be worth discussing with their teacher is anything that may have recently happened in your child’s life that could have made some sort of impact on them. This could be either a mental or physical impact. Some examples of this could be changes with the family dynamic, puberty, new home, etc. This allows the teacher to help support your child in ways more specific to their needs.


  1. Set Two Alarm Clocks. 

Once September hits, many parents must get back into a new routine. Setting two alarm clocks for the first few days can help you allow yourself more time to get everything organized and to make sure you are on schedule. We all know that even making breakfast, packing lunches and backpacks can be a lot some mornings. Along with this, many kids are also adjusting to new time schedules and getting back into their own morning routine to set them up for an efficient day back at school. Two alarms could benefit both you and your child to help give you a boost for the first few days.


  1. Work the Volunteer Days 

Every school has at least a few activities and events that require some parent volunteers to be successful. Many kids really enjoy seeing their parents on occasion at school participating in some way within their events. Along with this, you can also gain a great deal of insight by watching your children playing and interacting with other kids. This could allow you to see relationships they are building with their peers and how they interact with their teachers. Another opportunity this presents is a chance to have another discussion with your child’s teachers to see how they have been doing within the classroom. Many of us are working for a lot of these events but even making it out to one or two could really benefit your child and their school experience.


  1. Encourage Your Child to Join a Group or Team

Getting involved in school can be incredibly useful for your child in many areas of their school life. The first way this can be of value to your child is it can help them form bonds and friendships with other students they may not have reached out to otherwise. Along with getting to know students, this could also help them get to know other teachers in their school. Lastly, groups and teams at school can help kids feel important as they are involved in something and a part of a team. This can advantage students in their collaboration and communication skills which can be helpful over the course of their entire academic career.

Aug 31st, 2021


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