Consider the possibilities

When you’re shopping for a new home many things could come up that are unexpected. For example, the outside is the home of your dreams but, the inside has some areas you are not too sure about. The master bedroom doesn’t look cozy and the kitchen is cluttered and doesn’t look like it has enough space.

These things could deter you from seriously considering this home as being the house for you. Should they? Well, in some cases maybe not. The way a home is staged or how the furniture is laid out might be affecting how you see the home.

The master bedroom not feeling cozy and comfortable could be the result of the layout. Sometimes, even a couple of oversized dressers can make a room feel cluttered. Also, the colour of the items in a room can impact how you see it. Light colours often provide more of a cozy feel to a room than dark colours. These are simple changes that when you think of the room without the dressers or dark items would convert the space into a more suitable room.

The kitchen seems to be one of the easiest spaces to over-clutter. Thus, making the room seem small. Some ways we typically see this is when items such as coffee makers, air fryers, spice racks etc. are all placed on the counter. Think of what the room would look like if no one lived there and it was empty. This can help you picture the actual size of the room.

Next time you are looking at a home, think of all the different possibilities of each room. This can help you make a more accurate judgment on whether or not this is the home for you.

September 21st 2021


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