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Choosing the right REALTOR® to work for you shouldn’t be stressful. Have the North Link Real Estate Team working for you every step of the way. 

As a Buyer Agent or your personal REALTORS®, it is our job to ensure you are an educated buyer in all aspects of your home buying process, whether you’re first-time homebuyers or empty nesters looking to downsize. 

Our Roles as your REALTORS®

The North Link Real Estate Team will stand by you and guide you through the entire home buying process.

We live, work and play in the community, so we have a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the housing market trends in Barrie and Surrounding area. Our insight becomes invaluable to you, as the Buyer, while we work together to match the home best suited to your budget and needs. 

Ultimately, the North Link Real Estate Team focuses on buyer education – we ensure that you are kept well informed of the processes and confident in your decision to hire us to represent you in your home buying journey.    

Mortgage & Financing

Whether you’re already approved for a certain mortgage rate, or need some guidance, we fully understand and work with local mortgage brokers to get your money on track for your ideal home.

Analysis & Comparisons

We work with your dream home must-haves and budget to present properties that check all boxes without breaking the bank. We look for a home’s hidden potential, and stay informed of current and upcoming trends to broaden your opportunities.


We go through all paperwork with you in detail to ensure you understand the full extent of what you’re signing. We are the go-to team when you have questions, and we deal with all the minute details that can come up during a transaction.

Negotiations & Representation

We serve the best interest of the Buyer, including conversations between the Seller's Realtor, Home Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers and any other parties involved within the sale. We negotiate on your behalf to ensure you leave with the best deal for your budget, but our relationship doesn't stop here.

Inspections & Walk-Throughs

Once you’ve signed the Agreement of Purchase & Sale on your new home, we have the opportunity to inspect the entire property prior to the closing date to make sure that it is still in the same (or better) condition from when you last viewed it.

Moving & Resettling

The North Link Team will be there for you when moving and beginning your new life in the community. You can call on us anytime. We're here for you, through your move date and beyond.

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