Buyer’s Guide

8 Steps to Finding the Right Home


Deciding Where and What to Buy

Let’s get started! The first step is deciding where you want to live, what type of home you are looking for and what features are “must have’s”or “would be nice to have’s”in a home. Invariably, there will be tradeoffs, but rest assured we are here to help sort through the options to find you the best house, at the best price and with as many of your wants and needs as possible.


Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

The mortgage industry is a highly competitive field and it is important to understand that interest rates can change at any time. Partnering with a mortgage advisor and/or financial institution to help you find the right mortgage product at the best rate is key to your home buying process. The North Link Real Estate team has great mortgage advisors that we work with and can connect you to.


Choosing The Right REALTOR®

First, it’s important that you understand whose interests REALTORS® are legally bound to serve in a real estate transaction. The Listing Agent is under contract with the seller to market and sell their property for the best possible price. As a Buyer Agent or Your Personal REALTORS®, it is the North Link Real Estate team’s job to ensure you are an educated buyer in all aspects of your home buying process.


Become an Educated Buyer

Educated buyers are able to make informed decisions creating a stress free and enjoyable home buying process. With that in mind, our exclusive Home Buyer Service Program will empower you with key market information and every possible advantage to ensure you become an educated buyer.


Making an Educated Offer

The ongoing communication and education you will receive from our team will empower you to get the best possible deal on the home that you desire.


Conditions, Home Inspections and Waivers

The offer has been accepted. Now we need to satisfy the conditions. This usually involves performing a home inspection, getting the rest of your personal information and the property information to your mortgage broker or bank and arranging for the other information that might be necessary, like surveys, water tests and condominium documents.


Preparing to Move

Typically you will have anywhere from 30 to 90 days to get everything ready for your home.It could be shorter or longer, depending on what you need and have agreed upon with the seller.The closing date is usually the same as your move-in date. It is a good idea to get things organized well in advance of the closing date to reduce the stress of the move.


Move in. Congratulations!

As your personal REALTORS®, the North Link Real Estate team knows our role doesn’t end just because we’ve handed you the keys. You can call on us any time. As always, our advice is fast, free and confidential. We’re here for you, through your move to date and beyond.

Property Search

Our interactive property search tool will help you locate active listings in Barrie and Simcoe County.

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