Investor’s Guide

Have you been looking for an additional source of income that appreciates in value and produces stable cash flow, while also offering tax advantages and increases your property equity? 

Consider working with the North Link Real Estate Team to find you the perfect investment properties in Simcoe County or the GTA. We specialize in not only helping individual Buyers and Sellers, but also representing Investors in order to meet their financial goals.

We have the experience

We have a combined 35 years of experience working for investors who have seen the exponential growth and investment opportunities in Simcoe County and in the GTA.

We have the portfolio

The North Link Real Estate Team has successfully matched countless properties to our Investors’ varying needs.

Our process is simple, but we have the dedication, industry insight and experience 
to make your investing dreams become a reality.

Current Investment Properties

Browse the available investment opportunities in Barrie and the surrounding area. 

Allow the North Link Real Estate Team to show you the hidden potential in an ever-changing market. Read on for our full service property matching process and property management division of our company. 

Our Investment Proposal & Process

We will meet with you to discuss your investing needs and objectives, then create a detailed plan that focuses on your requirements that fits within your financial means. We concentrate on the following key areas within our proposals:

Property Evaluations

We evaluate available properties and look at the Return on Investment. We present opportunities to you that match your profit goals.

Market/Region Evaluations

We identify the most financially profitable areas in Ontario for investing, and provide an in-depth rationale to explain why you should be investing there.

Rent & Tenant Evaluations

We analyze up-to-date market rental income and current tenant rents to evaluate your growth potential.

Capital Opportunities

We study each investment property in detail to identify profit growth opportunities, such as Garden Suites and Additional Units; as well as, inform you on the necessary municipal permits needed and associated costs.

Long-Term and Short-Term Strategies

We develop and outline a variety of scenarios and solutions to your proposed investment properties that include both short-term and long-term income, including Property Flips and Buy and Hold Opportunities.

Property Management

If you want a hands-off investment, The North Link Real Estate Team takes care of everything after the sale is finalized.
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Property Management & Services

The North Link Real Estate Team is very unique because we are sister companies with GMP Properties, where we offer our property management expertise. By choosing to work with us, we can solidify and carry on our investment relationship beyond the purchase of your investment property. 

Visit our website by clicking our logo below to learn more about what GMP Properties can do for you.

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Our  turnkey solutions take the worries out of investing in real estate—whether you are a first-time Investor, or a seasoned veteran, we can help! Reach out to get in touch and start the process today.

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