Thinking of Investing?

Investments and real estate go hand in hand. The North Link Real Estate Team has worked with many buyers on investment properties and have done a lot of personal investments as well. There are lots of different routes to take when Investing in Real Estate. Single family homes, condos, multiplexes, or even vacation properties. All can be great for different reasons. Some provide better appreciation and other’s cash flow. Some properties offer both!

The first step would be to speak with your mortgage adviser about your affordability, what kind of down payment you would need, and the fine details of carrying an investment property. Secondly, you would need to contact your accountant about the capital gains and additional income per year and how that might affect your taxes.

The North Real Estate Team has fantastic resources in both of those fields that can give you legal but creative solutions in carrying an investment property.

Once you have a property in mind, it is also important to get a good property management company behind you. This investment will work for you, not you working for the investment. North Link Real Estate Team has a property management company division called, GMP Properties. GMP Properties has helped many of our clients. With 35 years of combined property management experience, originally starting in the GTA and expanded their expertise here in Simcoe County a few years back.


Contact GMP Property Management
A Division of North Link Real Estate Team
Address: 6045 Cleaview Rd Suite 139
Mississauga Ontario L5V0B1
Phone: 905-699-1387


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