Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us! Now it is time for the ever-dreaded spring cleaning. But, it does not have to be a bad experience! Here are a few tips to make it easier along the way and who knows, maybe next year you will even look forward to it.

  1. When looking to tackle the kitchen start with your stovetop! This is a large appliance that can make the world of a difference when it’s looking new again. An easy and effective way to clean this is by applying some baking soda and vinegar and letting it soak.
  2. Your fridge both on the inside and out is something you see every day so, make it shine! Go through the fridge and throw out the leftovers you haven’t gotten to and the expired condiment bottles. Then, take out all removable drawers and shelves and soak them while you wipe out anything not removable. Follow this with wiping the outside down with some multi-purpose cleaner or window cleaner if you have stainless steel and you will be all set!
  3. When moving on to the bathroom it is time to get rid of those hard water stains. Whether they are on the bathtub or shower walls some vinegar will help you take them off with ease… It truly is a great household product for cleaning!
  4. Your bathroom mat could probably use some love! Follow the instructions on the tag and wash out all that bacteria leaving you with a mat that looks brand new.
  5. Clean out your vacuum from debris. Spin the head of your vacuum and cut out any hair with scissors or a knife. This will help restore suction and make the rest of your cleaning that much easier!


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