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Are you looking to be a first time home buyer?

Are you thinking about buying your first home? This process can be overwhelming, but a good agent will guide you through the process. Alicia Linklater is an experienced Century21 realtor, with many years of successful sales in Barrie and the surrounding areas.  Alicia is always excited about meeting first-time buyers.  She will take the time to teach you about each step of your exciting new journey.  When you’re looking to choose an agent, you’ll want one that has a successful track record in the Barrie area.  Alicia and her family live and work in Barrie. She knows all the local neighbourhoods, hidden niches, and amenities. 

Location, location, location!  Barrie will likely check off most of the items on your wish list.  Barrie is ideal for buying your first home, as well as future resale. Picturesque scenery, access to the lake and cottage country, good schools, beautiful parks, and safe neighbourhoods make Barrie a great choice for first-time homebuyers.  

Cost is usually the biggest concern for first-time homebuyers.  How much can I afford? Where will the down payment come from? How much will I need and where can I find the best loan? How do I begin the look for a home? What type of home is right for me?  A good agent will have answers to all of your questions.  You should feel comfortable asking any questions, and assured that your questions will be respectfully answered.  When it comes to real estate, experience counts.

If you are looking for an experienced agent to help assist you in the homebuying process give Alicia a call! 



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