Whether you are thinking of listing your home for sale…


Whether you are thinking of listing your home for sale, purchasing a new home that needs some work, or even simply updating your current home, there are a few renovation upgrades that are always truly worth the price of investment.



Kitchens are the biggest selling feature of almost any home. If you are refreshing your kitchen for resale or updating for personal use, it is important to consider both a good design and quality of materials when working out your budget. Higher end counter tops and appliances not only look beautiful, but they will last far longer, giving you a fantastic return in the years to come.



Bathrooms are a focal point for many prospective home buyers. A beautiful bathroom can easily sway a buyer since most people go into house hunting assuming they will have to update washrooms. Spending time and money on the craftsmanship will only help lift your listing price and give buyers a pleasant surprise. Plus, your dinner guests will rave all evening about your new, modern, beautiful bathroom.


Windows and Doors

New windows and doors can be costly but if you consider the energy prices today it is definitely worth looking into upgrading to more energy efficient models. There are many style and installation options and a reputable company will help you work within your budget.


Finished Basement

A finished basement can surely add to the resale price of your home, but only if it is well done and of good quality. It is important to remember that the vast majority of issues that homeowners face start in the basement. Covering up issues will only cause you financial burden in the long run.


Furnace and AC Units

Furnace and AC Units are quite costly no matter what the situation. An inefficient system will eat up a substantial amount of energy costs. Upgrading here will reduce the overall energy costs of your home. Coupled with a programmable thermostat, and the windows we discussed, will create an impressive savings for you or potential buyers.


Patio and Deck

A lack of a well-designed good quality patio and deck can be a make or break moment in selling a home. Using high quality materials and labour is absolutely worth the cost, as a well-made patio and deck will last a lifetime, but they must be able to stand up to a great deal of traffic and withstand the Canadian seasons.



Newer homes often have great quality insulation. However if you have an older home or are doing a big renovation that requires taking down and moving walls, it is well within your best interest to take a look at your existing insulation and see what modern materials and techniques are available for upgrade. While an insulation project can be pricey, you will see a big return on this through your significantly reduced energy costs.



Old wiring can be a major hazard in any home.  Spending extra money on rewiring is always a good financial move. With smart homes becoming increasingly popular it is worth thinking a decade into the future in terms of reviewing your current socket placement and also investigating whether new wiring can be installed in your existing  walls.


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