Never Overlook Storage Space

Imagine a potential buyer coming to view your home. They explore each room with interest. Then they open the closet door in the master bedroom. Will they be impressed with the space and imagine their clothes filling the racks and shelves?

That likely depends on how you use and manage that vital storage space. Of course, the first reaction is based on size. Without a renovation, you can’t change the actual size of the closet. However, there are lots of options to make the space seem bright and roomy.

First, remove all the clutter. If you have any extra items such as boxes or random objects you should remove them from the space.

You should also make sure you don’t overstuff the closet. You could remove some articles of clothing that take up lots of space such as jackets or large sweaters. This will make the closet feel spacious and organized.

Lastly, lighting is so important. A high-wattage bulb can help create the bright and glowing appeal you are looking for.

Each of these tips can also be used for other storage spaces as well.


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