Tips to selling your home

8 Steps to Becoming an Informed Seller

01. Choosing the Best Agent for the Job

Most sellers use a real estate agent. You certainly don’t have to, but there are good reasons why most people still do. The North Link Real Estate Team takes away the burden that comes with selling a home, and works to get your home sold for the best price in the fastest time. After all, you’ve got a life to live.

Pricing is a real art.
The biggest factor in determining how quickly your home sells is the price, and we have the experience and tools to see where the market is headed in order to suggest the ideal price point of your property.

Negotiating is hard.
Not just hard to do, but it can feel uncomfortable. If you want someone to negotiate fearlessly on your behalf, you need us to represent you.

Marketing is more than MLS.
To get the most for your home, you need as many buyers interested as possible. According to, 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts, and we have built up our list of contacts through our passion for real estate.

Showings and paperwork are a pain.
There’s more to the legal side of a home sale than you might think, and showing your own home is not only awkward, it can really complicate your schedule. The North Link Real Estate Team will manage all of the legal documents, and organize and attend all showings on your behalf.

02. Price Right to Profit More

Setting the price for your home is challenging. Too low, and you leave money on the table. Too high, and you scare away buyers to other properties. To complicate all this, your home is an emotional asset—it’s hard to see it objectively. It’s no easy task, but it’s a critical one. Pricing your home right the first time results in more exposure, more showings, more offers, and ultimately, the highest price for your home.

03. Prepare to Amaze

The condition of your home is the single biggest factor determining how fast—and for how much—your home sells. How your home shows now is how people see themselves in it. They can’t see past the chips, leaks, clutter and stains—in fact, they tend to focus even more on those things. You can dramatically improve how your home sells by cleaning, de-cluttering, making minor repairs and staging. Choosing to work with the North Link Real Estate Team will provide you access to professionals who will provide their services to you to make your home as show-worthy as possible.

04. Maximize Exposure to Buyers

Getting the word out about your home matters for two critical reasons. First, buyers can’t be interested if they don’t know your home exists. But more importantly, the more buyers you have interested in your home, the higher the potential sale price, and the faster the sale. We market you home through MLS listing, video tours, 24-hour online ads, a property website, proactive prospecting, targeted facebook ads, property brochures and professional print marketing.

05. Show it Off

As interest in your home rises, so will interest in seeing the real thing. It’s time to show off your masterpiece to prospective buyers. Your REALTORS®, the North Link Real Estate Team, will take care of almost all of the details, but here are a few tips to maximize the showing experience.

You should leave.
Buyers want to be able to look around and discuss your home candidly. They won’t be comfortable if you’re there.

Is it inviting?
In addition to the usual tidying, make sure your home is inviting: turn up/down the temperature, leave the lights on, open the blinds where appropriate and leave inside doors open or slightly ajar.

Any Information is good information.
We will set additional information that’s helpful—property brochures, floor plans and contact information.

Flexibility is key.
Be as flexible as you can – try to accommodate the buyer’s schedule.

06. Negotiate Like a Master

Now this is where things get exciting. You’ve got an offer or maybe two or three at once! In most cases, your home’s list price won’t be the selling price. When it comes to settling on that final magic number, you’re going to be negotiating. That’s something your REALTORS®,  the North Link Real Estate Team, are experts at. Momentum matters. Just the act of moving a deal forward helps make the deal happen.

07. Calculating Your Net Proceeds

There are a number of closing costs to consider. Legal Fees, Mortgage Fees, Disbursements, Adjustments and Moving Costs will all come into play, and we will help you determine all associated costs and final profit.

08. Feeling More Informed? Book a Meeting with the North Link Real Estate Team

There’s a lot to selling a home. We would be happy to speak with you, provide you with a complimentary market evaluation of your home and answer any other questions you have. Reach out to us today.


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